Transition from Chinese to English

May 3, 2017

LAE offers different learning levels for Chinese speaking students making the transition to English.

It’s no secret that learning English isn’t easy. Aside from the obvious fact that English uses an alphabet and Chinese uses symbols, English words are full of contradictions and there are lots of exceptions to the rules. For instance, there’s a rule called I before E except after C which is helpful in spelling words like “believe.” But what about words like “science” or “weird”? Learning English isn’t just about learning the rules, but also the exceptions to the rules.

For many of our Chinese students, English pronunciation causes the most confusion when trying to learn the language. English has silent letters, and words that end in the same spelling combination aren’t necessarily said the same way. Additionally, the stress and intonation patterns in English are very different.

For example, in English the way a person stresses a word can completely change how the listener interprets the sentence but the meaning of the word stays the same. However in Chinese, the stress or pitch of a symbol distinguishes the word’s meaning. English also has more vowel sounds than Chinese, making it difficult for Chinese learners to hear the differences between “L” and “R”, or Southern Chinese speakers trying to distinguish “L” and “N”.

These are just a few of the difficulties Chinese speakers encounter when trying to learn English, but luckily there are a few similarities between the two languages as well.

Both Chinese and English follow the same word order and basic sentence structure — Subject, Verb, Noun. Also, both languages have a wide variety of regional dialects but the written language stays the same for the most part. Another benefit is that Chinese speakers who want to learn English in Los Angeles won’t be alone in making the transition!

It’s an exciting time to be a Los Angeles English student! More and more people are coming to see what LAE has to offer. In fact, this influx of new students has caused the need for three classes to be opened at the LAE Sawtelle Blvd location.

As opposed to it’s original two classes — beginner and intermediate — LAE has now expanded to include an “advanced” difficulty. The advanced class is meant to give students an opportunity to focus on the skills of English — reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation — that they are seeking to improve the most.

The class is set in a friendly environment with native English speakers to help in one-on-one conversations, as well as other exercises meant to increase English fluency. If you haven’t already, come visit the LAE Sawtelle Location and be a part of these new and exciting changes!

I’ve been going to the English class for about a half year, and I think the English class is really good for foreigners who want to learn casually about American culture and especially speaking.

Now, there are 3 levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so you can choose a class matches your English level. Also, if you want to change the class, you can do that anytime you want. The teachers are so nice and very good at teaching English. There is no exam or grade, so you can take the class with no stress.

I suggest that you come and try it out. I hope you’ll like it!

Hiroki Yamashita