English Tips for Farsi Speakers

May 3, 2017

Below are a few tips for Farsi speaking students who want to learn English:

In English, when the letter H is combined with a T, a C, a P, or an S, it changes the entire sound of the consonant.

The letter T by itself makes a hard stop, like in the word “cat”, but when combined with an H, it makes a smooth stop, like in the word “math”. The TH sound is made by placing your tongue in between your teeth and blowing, while the T sound is made with the tongue on the roof of the mouth.

The letter P makes a hard sound by itself, but with the letter H, the letters PH makes a sound just like the letter F.

The letter S, by itself, makes a sound like a snake. But when combined with an H, the SH sound is similar to the sound made when telling someone to be quiet–like the sound of rushing water.

The CH sound is similar to the SH sound but with a hard T sound right before it, like a TSH sound.

With these tricks you’ll be pronouncing better than ever!

I loved this English class! Even though the teachers were young and volunteers, they were very nice and it was great because they even spoke Farsi so they could help answer my questions. They are very good at answering my questions, and the class was completely focused on the students and what we needed. I would definitely recommend this English class to anyone who wants to learn English for free!