Testimonials from Korean Students

May 3, 2017

Taking an English class in an unfamiliar place isn’t easy. Here’s what our Korean students have to say about their experiences:

Hello. As I am writing this, it reminds me of the first time I came here to take the free English Classes. To be honest, I had doubts about the program because I was new to the United States and everything was unfamiliar to me. Anyways, I decided to come try the class and then I was really satisfied because the teachers are really friendly and the instruction was useful. I learned English and I got to meet a lot of friendly people. I can say with confidence, for English, making friends, or finding out about the church, you will be satisfied.

Jeffrey Im

When I first came to America, I had a middle school level vocabulary. Because I hadn’t used it in a long time, my ability to speak English had declined. After immigrating to America and having spent several years in South America, it became apparent how much I needed to be able to speak English. I found an advertisement for Los Angeles English in an elevator and mustered the courage to call them. Although I had my doubts, I began to attend English class twice a week. I learned many things that I was able to apply at once to my business, and whenever I had questions, the teachers were more than happy to answer them via text or call. My English began to improve and I am so grateful for this program. The teachers are so kind and willing to help!

Kate Kim