New Korean Teacher, Dennis Christen

June 8, 2017

Proper pronunciation can be the key to having English that sounds like a native.

Even those who have a deep understanding of grammar rules and a wide vocabulary can be perceived as beginners when they have a strong accent. The inverse is also true, those who have a very natural sounding accent can sound like native English speakers even without a wide understanding of English language principles!

Many people believe that one cannot improve their own pronunciation through practice. We are here to disprove that theory!

Actor Dennis Christen

Actor Dennis Christen

We are fortunate enough to have Dennis Christen as a teacher for Korean students. Dennis spent much of his professional life acting in Korea, and through his experience he developed a pronunciation guide to specifically help the Korean people improve their accents and learn all the sounds in the English language. Dennis guarantees that you will become at least 50% more proficient in English sounds if you attend all of his classes.

Classes will begin on Tuesday, June 13th, and will take place every week at 1209 South Manhattan Pl., Los Angeles, CA.

The comprehensive guide to pronunciation is designed to last 20 class periods or 20 weeks. The classes will build off of one another, so you will want to come every week! As always, classes are free of charge. Please come ready to learn and if you have any questions, feel free to call us at 310-709-1327.