Classes at Los Angeles English

When you come to Los Angeles English for the first time, you will be greeted by our missionaries at the front desk and asked to fill out a registration form. Our missionaries will help you determine which class will be most suitable for your level and needs. Currently, we teach an advanced and beginning class. At their own expense, many of our missionaries have left studies at accredited universities to come serve in Los Angeles. They teach these English classes as a service, so student tuition is waived.

Advanced English Class

  • Advanced Vocabulary: We teach collegiate level vocabulary that is frequently used in everyday situations.
  • Precise Pronunciation: Learn “Natural Phonics” which will help you understand and pronounce unfamiliar words like an American.
  • American Culture: Learn to think like an American through our topic-oriented class discussions.

Beginner English Class

  • Essential Vocabulary: Learn frequently used vocabulary and expressions to help you begin to communicate in everyday situations.
  • Practical Conversation: Enjoy listening and speaking exercises in a stress-free environment. We’ll prepare you to handle real-life situations.

Private Tutoring

  • Specialized Help: Target your areas of weakness and receive personal instruction.
  • Realistic Conversation: Focus on having real conversations with native English speakers.
  • Accountability: Receive follow-up from instructors on your homework and commitments.

What do we mean by “Natural Phonics”?

Natural Phonics is specially designed for students who are learning English but struggle with speaking and listening comprehension. Our class will help students understand principles of natural phonics step by step while learning correct pronunciation from native English-speaking missionaries.

Natural Phonics is an additional resource we have added to our class to specifically help with pronunciation. Natural Phonics is intended to train students to speak using correct sounds and grammar principles. When Natural Phonics is studied as part of any language learning program, it will train students to speak clearly with correct accents.

Natural Phonics will help students fluidly read and pronounce English. This means that when they see new words, they can read them, and when they hear unfamiliar words, they can write them. Natural Phonics is foundational for strengthening students’ reading, speaking, listening, and writing abilities. Additionally, Natural Phonics gives students the skills to communicate with better proficiency.