1. Is this class really provided for no tuition?

Yes! As missionaries, we can relate to how frustrating and difficult learning a new language can be. We also know how rewarding it can feel once you can communicate! We provide this class as a service to the community. In return, we simply ask that you arrive to class on time, bring a notebook, invite your friends, and practice at home!

2. Do I need to register beforehand?

No. Registration takes place the first time you come to class, and helps us keep track of who is new or returning.

3. What am I expected to bring?

Each time you come to class, please bring a pen/pencil, notebook, and any homework from last class. We also encourage you to bring a dictionary that translates from your native language to English (and vice versa), as well as any questions you ran into from reviewing the previous lessons.

4. Can anyone come?

Yes. We welcome anyone who would like to learn or practice English to attend. If you would like to bring your child, we ask that you accompany them if he or she is younger than 12 years old.

5. What if I need extra help?

If you feel like you need some extra help, please talk with your teacher in class. We would be happy to find extra time outside of class to help you along the way.

6. Can I come in the middle of a semester?

Definitely. You are welcome to enroll in class at any time. The topic-based organization of the class makes it easy to join in. If you need help with materials we’ve already covered, we have no problem helping you get caught up.

7. Are we expected to attend all classes?

Yes. The best way to learn a language is to be consistent. However, we know that you won’t be able to make it every time. We encourage you to attend all the classes you can so that you can have multiple opportunities to practice and learn English. Just like any other endeavor, practice makes perfect!

8. Can Los Angeles English help sponsor student visas?

Anyone in the Los Angeles area is welcome to attend our classes. However, because Los Angeles English is just a volunteer-based community class, and not a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) certified school, we cannot help sponsor any student visas at this time. SEVP-certified schools in LA can be found on the Department of Homeland Security website.

In case you haven’t found the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us on Facebook.